Volume-20 No-1

Evaluation of Current Status of Newly Established Model Pharmacies in Bangladesh
Formulation of Non-effervescent Floating Dosage Form of Metronidazole using Sintering and Sublimation Technique
Formulation Development and Evaluation of Mouth Dissolving Tablet of Aspirin by Using QbD Approach
Characterization of Chitosan Obtained from Snail Shell (Achatina fulica) and its Excipient Potentials in Metronidazole Tablet Formulation
A Study on the National Drug Policies of Bangladesh to Ensure Health for All
Physicochemical Characteristics and HPLC Determination of Alpha-Tocopherol in Eighteen Edible Vegetable Oils Marketed in Nigeria
Evaluation of Body Weight, Serum Lipid Profile, Glucose Homeostasis, Oxidative Stress and Hepatic Function in Healthy Mice Fed With Zinc Sulphate Supplementation
Physicochemical Characterization of Artemether-Entrapped Solid Lipid Microparticles Prepared from Templated-Compritol and Capra hircus (Goat Fat) Homolipid
Evaluation of Anti-Microbial Activity and Proximate Composition of Alkaloids from Vitex doniana Seed
Isolation and Characterization of Multidrug Resistant Enterobacteriaceae in Urine Sample of Patients Suffering from Urinary Tract Infection with Diabetes and Nephropathy
Pharmacological Screening of Substituted Benzimidazole Derivatives
Phytochemical Analysis, Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activities of Mucuna pruriens Leaves
In vitro and in vivo Evaluation of Pharmacological Potential of Lasia spinosa Linn.
Development and Characterization of a Combination Tablet Dosage Form Containing Sofosbuvir and Ribavirin Using Design of Experiments (DoE) Approach
Biological Investigations of the Whole Plant of Argemone mexicana (L.)
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