Volume-20-No-3(Centennial Special Issue)

Bioassay-guided Isolation of Ursolic Acid as the Major Cytotoxic Compound Present in the Methanolic Extract of the Leaves of Arbutus pavarii Pamp
Coumarins from the Roots of Angelica archangelica and Antibacterial Activity Against Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Efflux Pump Inhibitory Potential of Vitexin 2"-O-xyloside Against Gram Positive Bacteria Staphylococcus aureus
Evaluation of Dissolution Behavior of Cefuroxime Axetil as Affected by Polymeric Interaction Using Mixture Design Experiment
Development, Characterization and In vitro Evaluation of Solid Dispersion Formulations of Low Aqueous Soluble BCS Class II Drug Pitavastatin with Poloxamer 407 and HPMC 325-336
Factors Affecting the Prescription Pattern of Generic Cardiovascular Medicines: A Cross-Sectional Study in Dhaka City
Chemoprevention: Achievements and Future Perspectives 359-372
Drug Manufacturing and Access to Medicine in Nepal – A Literature Review of Challenges and Proposed Remediation
A Review on Biological Activities of Sugars and Sugar Derivatives
Lipid-Based Nanocarriers for Oral Delivery of Proteins and Peptides: Opportunities, Challenges, and Future Prospects
Phytochemicals from Bangladeshi Medicinal Plants Potentially Targeting Non-Structural Protein 2/Non-Structural Protein 3 Chimera of Dengue Virus: An in silico study
A Review on Structure - Activity Relationship of Antimicrobial Peptide Magainin 2
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