Volume-21 No-2

Quality Characteristics and Αlpha-Tocopherol Content of Shea Butter Samples from Selected Markets within Three Southwestern States of Nigeria
A Cross-sectional Study to Evaluate People's Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Towards Using Disinfectants and Sanitizers During COVID-19 Pandemic in Bangladesh
Ethnopharmacological Survey of Medicinal Plants Used by Traditional Health Practitioners and Indigenous People in Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh for the Treatment of Dysentery
Evaluation of Total Phenolic, Flavonoid Content and Antioxidant Capacity of Different Parts of Averrhoa carambola L.
Evaluation of the Formulation of Combined Dosage Form of Albendazole and Mebendazole through In vitro Physicochemical and Anthelmintic Study
Evaluation of Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench on the Reduction of Creatinine Levels and Its Antioxidant Properties In vitro
In vitro Comparative Studies of the Leaf Extracts of Four Different Types of Calamus Species
Antiproliferative and Antibacterial Potentials of Endophytic Fungi Associated with Bangladeshi Medicinal Plant Tinospora Cordifolia
Study of Risk Factors and Assessment of Hematotoxicity and Oxidative Stress Among Women Stroke Patient with Metabolic Syndrome
Influence of Cardiologists’ Demographic Profile on Overall Satisfaction Towards Marketing Mix Strategies
Ethnobotanical Study on Medicinal Plants Used by the Ethnic People of Khagrachhari District, Bangladesh
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